How To Create A Free Blog (2019); Beginner’s Guide

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"how to create a blog for free"

Do you want to create a blog for free of cost?

In this beginner’s guide, you will learn, how to create a blog for free. I will instruct you to make a professional-looking blog without spending any penny.

There are many free blogging platforms available. But in this guide, we will learn how to create a blog on Blogspot and for free. These two platforms are one of the most popular platforms worldwide. Indeed, 33% of the website in this world is hosted on WordPress ( that’s insane).

How to create a free blog beginner’s guide

This post is dedicated to the “beginners” who are new to blogging. And would like to get started by learning the basics involved in the process.

  • Firstly, BlogSpot is a blogging platform powered by Google.  It offers you an opportunity to start a blog. But all your images will be hosted by Picasa (also part of Google).  BlogSpot, in this sense, is a Google-centric blogging platform.
  • Secondly, if your goal is to make money and to have a blog that is professional in appearance. I would recommend that you create your blog using WordPress. It’s easy, and with the help of our exclusive free WordPress guide. You can create your blog in the next 60 minutes.

1. Step-by-step Guide; How to create a free blog on Blogspot

Creating A Blogger Account

To get started, go to, and you will be greeted with a beautiful landing page which prompts you to create a free blog.

Since Blogspot is a product by Google, you can easily create a free blog account by signing in with your preferred Gmail account.

After you log in, you’ll be asked to use blogger as your default Google plus profile or if you’d like to continue with a limited profile.

"Create a free blog on blogspot with google account"

I recommend you choose the former for added benefits like connecting your blog with your Google plus social profile.

On the next screen, click on “Create your blog” button again to launch your first blog.

Choosing A Blog Name And A Theme

In the next screen, you get to select a domain for your blog.

A domain name, in case you don’t know, is an address through which people across the world can access your website.

It is like your physical office address people would need to reach out to you at your office.

Choose a short domain name that is relevant to your blog topic.

"create a free blogspot blog with domain name"

Next, choose a suitable theme (decides how your blog will look on the front end) for your blog and click on “Create blog!” button. (Don’t worry you can always change these later.)

hurray!! you have successfully created your blog.

Customize your Blog settings

After you create your blog, it’s time to customize your blog for better search engine visibility and User experience.

Here is a list of customization, we had to do.

  •  Adding a description to your blog
  • Optimizing your post section of the blogger blog
  • Optimizing your blog for SEO
  • Editing The Theme And Layout

This is a one time process.

You can access it on the left-hand-side panel.

Just click on the option that reads “Settings, ” and you can optimize your blog as below:

"blogspot settings customization"

Adding a description to your blog

Adding a description to your blogger blog helps readers and search engines know what your blog is about. You can set it by selecting the basic settings option under the main “settings panel.

"blogger basic settings for search engine ranking"

Read this guide on HubSpot blog to know how to write an effective meta description.

Optimizing your post section of the blogger blog

This section will optimize your homepage and how things like in your single post settings.

"create a free blog on blogspot, comments, format, URL"

These settings are pretty self-explanatory, and if you have any issues, then you can click on the help symbol (question mark symbol) to get more details about it.

Optimizing your blog for SEO

In this section, you optimize your blog for search engines.

"blogger search preference"
  • Meta tags: You will write a good summary of your blog here. This will appear on search engines and will attract readers to your blog.
  • Custom page not found: When people land on your website through a URL that no longer exists, you can set a message to them that the page doesn’t exist. You can set any custom text or HTML message instructing them what to do next.
  • Custom redirects: If someone links to any of your posts or pages, and you happen to delete that page or the link to a wrong URL that doesn’t exist, you can use this option to redirect all such backlinks to any single page. Ideally, this should be your homepage URL here.

The next section is something I would advise you not to mess with.

Create A Blog with a beautiful theme

Editing The Theme And Layout of your blog

Now, in this section, we will edit the layout of our blogger template.

Blogger already has a range of free templates that are basic and simple. But, if you want to go for a different blog template you can download those from a simple Google search.

However, for the sake of this article, we will go with the default blogger template.

Adding a logo

A logo is what defines and identifies your brand. also allows you to set a custom logo for your blog.

Since you are getting started you don’t need to get an expensive logo design. You can create a simple logo by your own using a free tool like Canva.

After that, you can go to the layout option and select “edit” link in the header box.

It prompts you various options to set a logo, choose a custom image to upload the one you designed.

"blogspot Layout settings"

 Removing the navbar

The navbar is an unpleasant navigation bar on the top of your every page that has links to sign out and visit other blogs.

I recommend removing this because it looks ugly and also gets your reader to go to the other blogs through the next blog link.

To remove it, click on “edit” link on the box that reads navbar and in the next popup window, turn it off.

Adding a custom gadget

Gadgets are tiny pre-made code snippets that help you add various functionality on your blog.

You can use those to add social media buttons, a search option, contact form, visitor stats, a custom-menu or literally anything via custom HTML.

If you want to add a custom gadget to blogger, when you select the “layout” option, you will find small hyperlinks that read “add a gadget.” Clicking on those will open default blogger gadgets, and you can choose which one to add.

With this, you have set up a professional blog for free on All you need to do next is to write posts and pages that drive traffic to your blog.

How to Create a blog Pages for free

Head over to pages, click add a new page. You will be redirected to Blogspot page editor.

"blogspot blog how to add new pages"

In the Page editor, enter the title of your page at the Title section. E.g, Contact Us or About Us. Next, hover Below, and enter the page information or description in content section.

"create a Blog page for free"

In the same manner, you can create multiple no. of pages according to your needs.

How to write a blog post

Writing a blog post in Blogspot is quite easy. It is similar to adding pages, Just hover over to Post, and in the top left click New Post.

"create a new blog in blogspot"

You will be redirected to a text editor, from where you can write, edit and publish your content.

"create a blog post in blogspot"

Writing content in Blogspot is very simple and it has lots of option to make your content more engaging. You can add videos, images, GIF, file, Payment button, contact form and many more. you can even change the colour and size of the text plus background colour.

But there is one drawback of using a free platform, you can’t use any third-party apps or plugins. Which are actually very crucial to make your website outstand from the crowd. Plus you don’t have the freedom to monetize your blog in free platforms.

Here is a guide to starting a self-hosted blog of your own. click now

Tip’s to create an SEO blog post that drives traffics

When we talk about SEO, the very first thing which you need to keep in mind is: We can control on-site and off-site SEO. On-Page SEO is covered by you which includes article quality, how well it’s optimized for Keyword and meta value for that article.

Here I will pen down some guide which will help you in Google’s ranking.

  • Format Blogger post URL; Permalinks play a great role in search engine ranking of your post. There are a few rules which everyone should follow for Blogspot permalink. Keep the number of words in URL limited to 8 words. Short URLs with keywords tend to boost SEO. by default, Google will provide you with a permalink, which is scary. Your permalink should be simple and easy to remember not scary. In your text editor select the manual option in the permalink and enter your choice of custom link.
  • Write a catchy or attention-grabbing headline; In a world full of noise, how do you get people to read what you write? It takes more than good content or great design. The most important part of writing an article is the headline.
  • Add your target keyword in the title, first paragraph and end part of the content; including your target keyword in the title and first paragraph, will send a good signal to Google bot about your content. This will help google bot index your post faster and will help rank up on google.

Check out my; Ultimate Guide on Writing Content For SEO

  • Add Images, Videos, Gifs and Infographics in your post: Adding infographics, videos and images increase engagement rate, which in turn gives a very positive signal to Google that your content is valuable.

That’s it for free Blogspot tutorial, congrats you are good to go online.

2. Step; Create a free blog on

Starting a blog can seem intimidating if you’re new to this space, but WordPress makes the entire process easy for beginners. In just minutes, you can create a free blog at this popular blog hosting website and begin posting your comments and articles for the public to see.

Visit and select Get Started.

" create a free website"

Sign up for a Free Account

Here, enter your email, user name and password or you can continue with apple or google account. Click create your account button. Now that your account is created you can proceed to the next step.

Choose your website category

Choose your site category, for this tutorial we will choose blog. Since the tutorial is about creating a free blog. click the blog option. refer the image below for better understanding.

"what kind of site you are building"

Enter your blog Name

Enter your blog name in the first text box. This is what people will assume your blog is about when they visit. Make it truthful toward the blog content but also interesting and unique.

" blog name"

To answer “What will your site be about?“, enter words or phrases separated by commas. For example, home, kids, family, travel.

Choose an Address for Your Blog

Free WordPress blogs end with, so the name you pick will precede that URL and is what your visitors will see when they land on your blog.

" blog address"

Enter whatever you want to use as your blog’s URL. Below the search box are various addresses with different top-level domains, but only one is free.

Next, pick the free option ( with the Select button and then click Start with Free on the following page to see your new blog!

" hosting plan"

Hurray!! your WordPress free blog is ready now and is online.

"create a free blog , dashboard"

This is how your dashboard looks like. Everything you need to run a blog is in this dashboard. You can change themes, add menus, add pages, add plugins write posts, add widgets etc, and many more. Plus you can add more site with this same WordPress account.

Just click on the add new site button shown at the bottom of the image.

Note; After creating your account log in to your email account and confirm your WordPress account.

Take time to explore your WordPress dashboard and don’t be afraid to test the various tools and features available to you for customizing your blog.

Install A free WordPress theme

"wordpress free Theme"

In the dashboard, area hover over to Design and click theme. You will be directed to the theme panel, where you will get lots of free and premium theme.

"create a free WordPress blog by activating your theme"

Choose a theme of your interest and click activate this design, or you can even click on the open live demo to see how your theme will look like.

Customize your installed theme and launch your site

Now that your blog is ready and the theme is installed, it’s time to customize it. In the dashboard look for the Design option and click customise.

" Customization "

Here you can add a logo, create Menu, add widgets, sidebar widgets etc. As I said earlier don’t be afraid to make mistake, just play around you will get it right at the end.

How to create a free blog pages and posts

To create new posts and pages you have to use the dashboard options. For posting use “Post” -> “New” and for pages use “Page” -> “Add new”.

I usually don’t bother myself much with pages. In short, “pages” are usually your Contact or About me location while posts are your blogging posts. Quite simple, right?

So let’s create a first blog post and see how it goes. In order to do that, you have to click on “Post” and then on the “Add new”.

"add new blog post in"

Here’s an example of my first blog post (you need to click on “Publish” to make it live).

"create a free blog post on wordpress"

Create a web page on your free WordPress blog

Next, click on the add new pages to create a new page. E.g About Us or Contact Us pages etc.

"how to create a free blog"

Now you will get some free built page template, you can just apply and edit it. Otherwise, you can select the blank template to start fresh.

"wordpress blog page template"

After you import the template, you cant edit the pages or you can create a fresh one. In this page, you will get the option to choose tags and categories.

"how to publish blog pages"

After you hit the Publish button, you can add some “tags” to make it more “searchable”. In other words, if you add some tags, it’s easier to find your blog from the many WordPress blogs on search engines.

However, don’t be too excited since new blogs won’t get much traffic at first. You have to promote it, share it with your friends, colleagues and use twitter/Facebook etc.

And Finally, we are done with this tutorial, you can now play with your new blogs, show it to your friends and family.

Just Incase if want to start a self-hosted blog, I have written an ultimate in-depth tutorial on how to start a blog, that looks professional and earns you money. Plus 40 minutes of a video tutorial.

If you liked my post please do share it with your frinds and family.

happy blogging guys!

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